About Over Energy

The Over Energy Health System was developed by Jonas Over.

A variety of self-healing and movement teachings flow together to develop body and mind.

The main components are "Breathing Exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong".

This unique training has already given many people more health, vitality, quality of life and happiness.

Here are some noteworthy points the Over Energy Health System can help with:



  • relieve stress and relax

  • repair back pain

  • release tension

  • improve posture and erect spine

  • less disturbing thoughts

  • reduce nervousness and anxiety

  • dissolve physical and emotional blocks

  • strengthen the immune and nervous system

  • improve performance and concentration

  • experience more intense and joyful

  • counteract listlessness and depression

  • reduce and heal pain and inflammation

  • improve organ function

  • detoxify

  • strengthen circulation

  • more energy in everyday life

  • dissolve chronic fatigue and exhaustion

  • better sleep

  • faster regeneration and healing processes

  • correct hypertension

  • cure chronic diseases

  • and much more...



To learn more about Breathing Exercises, Yoga & Qi Gong, you can browse the Blog. It contains valuable knowledge and exciting information about it.



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