Hello, my name is Jonas Over.

I am the founder of Over Energy and teacher of Tibetan Breath Yoga, breathing exercises, Yoga and Qi Gong.


For more than 15 years I have been working with a variety of methods and exercises to develop body and mind.

However, many years of chronic back pain and fatigue i could not get rid of with ordinary sports and fitness training.

Only after a long period of searching and trying out I have met two great masters who introduced me to the art of Breath Yoga, breathing exercises, Yoga and Qi Gong. From here, my life has changed, because through the millennia-old knowledge of healing through energetic exercises my body has become painfree and full of energy.


Thereupon I have done teacher trainings with my masters and various teachers to unlock the secrets of ancient knowledge from Asia, as well as to understand and learn the biomechanics and medical knowledge of the human body.


Again and again I got the question of what one can do with stress, burnout symptoms, back problems, chronic pain and / or other physical and emotional problems.


From my many years of experience I have gathered the most effective techniques and developed the "Over Energy Health System".

It combines Breath, Yoga & Qi Gong exercises and is a unique training concept that allows the practitioner to achieve more health, vitality, strength and inner peace and teaches the secret of energy healing.


My wish is to give everyone access to this fascinating and enriching knowledge.


Have fun and health!



P.S. You are welcome to contact me at any time ;-)

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