dissolve stress
more energy
free from pain


Unfortunately, in our world today we often sit too much. This leads to tension and pain in the back and neck. In addition, physical and emotional stress are often a major burden on our inner balance and overall well-being.


Many training concepts such as fitness training should create a balance, but unfortunately are rarely able to holistically heal and strengthen the body and mind.


  • relieve stress

  • dissolve back pain

  • strengthen the immune and nervous system

  • eliminate chronic fatigue

  • weight loss

  • sleep optimization

  • increase performance

  • heal pain

  • relax

This and much more is made possible by the Over Energy Health System.

A unique training of Breathing Exercises, Yoga, Qi Gong and exercises with your own bodyweight.


You are welcome to arrange a non-binding trial Personal Training or Business Training in your company at any time.


I'm looking forward to give you a new life feeling.

Jonas Over


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